Press Release

Dharmanandan Diamonds to launch Online Portal to sell diamonds, at the opening of Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Sep-2008

Dharmanandan Diamonds now commences online marketing services for selling diamonds, in an exceptional quest and endeavor to facilitate and reach out the customers globally.

The online portal facilitates the customers to be just a click away in viewing the details of the diamonds, choosing it and buying it.

A well shaped marketing concept has been placed partnering and inviting the customers and business associates in growing together. The portal has been built on the best technology available. The functionality is for ease of use which facilitates easy browsing. The portal guarantees security of details and dealings wherein the dealer and the customer can rest assured of their information being kept confidential.

Using the portal not only delivers the desired or customized diamonds directly from the factory but also is a great online experience. You, our patrons-the esteemed customers are invited to visit the portal and have a distinctive experience of diamonds, view huge collection of certified diamonds, get faster selection and simplified search for shortened buying time.

The CEO, Mr. Piyush Patel quotes, "We always wanted a way wherein the purchase and selection of diamonds would become easy, quick and free of all procedures. We will scale new standards in online diamond purchase with same consistency and get rewarded every time when customers rely on us.